The fastest way to improve performance, reduce on-plane RPMS and save fuel – the SE Sport will pay for itself over and over.




Reduced planning speeds:

 Stay on plane
at much lower speeds for a new boating experience.


Defeats cavitations and prop blow
out. The unique TURBO TRAC and curved control
surface improve thrust and enhance performance
with crisp turns.

Rated fastest in
independent tests. Our narrow footprint assures less
resistance at any trim position for greater speed.

The SE SPORT will maintain your top end speed better than any foil on the market while reducing cavitations and prop blow out.  Owners of the SE Sport will find improved “out of hole” performance, prop efficiency and in sharp turns.

Especially effective on deck boats and pontoon boats.





New Sport Address / P.O. Box 1889, Pilot Point, TX 76258 940-686-9000



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